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Reviewing and Drafting Contracts: Our Real Estate Attorney can help you with your documents. This can include purchase agreements, leases, rental agreements, and financing documents.

Due Diligence: This involves researching and analyzing factors such as zoning regulations, environmental issues, liens, and easements.

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution: We can negotiate on behalf of our clients in real estate transactions and, if necessary, represent them in legal disputes related to property rights, contracts, or other real estate matters.

Closings and Settlements: Our Real Estate Attorney oversee the closing process of a real estate transaction, ensuring that all legal documents are properly executed, funds are disbursed, and titles are transferred.

Land Use and Zoning Issues: We provide guidance on zoning laws, land use regulations, and permits for property development or changes in land use.

Real Estate Litigation: We represent clients in court if there are disputes related to real property, such as boundary disputes, title defects, or landlord-tenant conflicts.

Title Examination and Title Insurance: We can conduct thorough examinations of property titles to ensure there are no legal issues or encumbrances that could affect the ownership rights. We also help arrange for title insurance to protect against unforeseen title defects.

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