Special Needs Attorney

Special Needs Attorney

How Our Special Needs Attorney Can Help You

Create A Trust That Will Give You Peace of Mind.

When you are preparing your estate plan, you know leaving funds can have an impact on that person’s life.  This is even more true when that person has special needs and receives government funds. That is why you need an understanding and knowledgeable attorney to help you. Our Special Needs Attorney will ensure that your gift does not impact your loved one’s services from the government.    

Reviewing Your Loved Ones Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Helping You Feel Ready for The Meeting.

An Individual Education Plan or IEP is an essential tool that can significantly impact your child’s academic success. To ensure that your child is getting only the services they need, the law created the IEP team. These IEP teams make the decisions on how your child’s IEP is written and what services your child receives. These IEP Teams meet at an IEP meeting, which can be daunting for any parents, as they are surrounded by school officials and children experts. It can be even more daunting when the experts and officials are telling you your child does or does not need a service that you disagree with. If you find yourself in this situation we can help. Our Special Needs Attorney can review any proposed IEP plan and discuss your rights with you before the meeting. He can also attend any IEP meeting if it is determined to be necessary.

Help Determine Whether a Guardianship is Right for Your Loved One and How to Obtain One if Necessary.

Your loved one is becoming an adult, and you must answer the question everyone with a loved one with special needs has to answer. How do I continue to protect them once they are adults? This question can be scary, with many legal ramifications for you and your loved one. The good news for you is that you have a Panther in your corner with the skill set to help make the guardianship process as smooth as possible. However, our Special Needs Attorney is also familiar with other ways outside guardianship. By exploring these alternatives, you can be assured that guardianship is necessary and appropriate for you and your loved one.

About Our Attorney

Our Special Needs Attorney is Sean White, and he does not just understand the legal aspects of how to help your loved one with special needs but also understands the day-to-day trials experienced by the families. He understands this because he has children and siblings with special needs. Sean grew up with a family that faced many of the same struggles that families with special needs loved ones understand, and he continues to face these same struggles with his children. These experiences have made Sean an advocate to ensure that the laws are used to benefit your loved one, and he actively follows and advocates for new laws to help those who have had their voices silenced and ignored. Our Special Needs Attorney is a Panther who will fight for you and your loved one.

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