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About The Panther

Panthers are local to Florida, and unfortunately, few are left. Panthers are rare, but they continue to fight for their survival against the odds. Our mission at Panther Law, P.A. is to fight for and protect and serve the people of our community. We are Veteran owned and operated and have the knowledge to handle a diverse range of legal issues. So let our Attorney help you with your next legal case, and he will be there every step of the way. Contact us for a consultation today!

What to Expect

First, we will set up a consultation and review your legal matters. After that, we will begin our investigation, which can include sending you some forms to fill out, and we will start fighting for you. Our Attorney and his staff will work diligently on your case. We will keep you informed on the process and provide updates on each step. Due to us being a law firm of the future, we can facilitate the online signing of documents. However, if you prefer a meeting in person, we can facilitate that at our brick-and-mortar office in Brandon, FL. Panther Law would be honored if you chose us for your legal matters.

Panther Law

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Our Reviews

Tanah Tyoe
Tanah Tyoe
Mr. White at Panther Law is our hero. We worked for months by ourselves trying to resolve an issue with a company, to no avail. We reached out to other law firms, but we were discounted and made it feel like our case wasn’t worthy of their time. Mr. White was kind, patient, and we felt heard from our first consultation call. He fought hard for us to resolve the issue and help us with our refund from the company. He kept us in the loop throughout the entire process and was always available if we had questions! If he didn’t know the answer right away, he would always do his due diligence to find the answer or solution. He was easy to talk to as if he was a dear friend! I’m so thankful we found him!! It was a huge weight off our chest knowing we were no longer fighting alone. Highly recommend his services and we plan to use him for more in the future!
Eric Rosinski
Eric Rosinski
Very professional. Explained things well.
Joseph Harris
Joseph Harris
Very friendly, professional, and made me feel welcome from the moment I spoke with him. Answered all my questions quickly. Would 100% recommend him to all of my friends and family.
Nova Ditterline
Nova Ditterline
Panther Law did a wonderful job preparing my Will. Highly recommend.
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